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We receive many calls as to where to start laying down the first RaceDeck garage floor tiles during installation.

  • As a general rule you always start on either side of the garage door entrance to begin your install. (See video below).
  • Once you decide which side to start, you should lay a single row of tiles across the width of your garage along the doorway.
  • Remember to lay the first tile so as to allow the optional edging to be facing out!
  • This gives you the opportunity to center the tiles. Your garage may not have a width in whole feet .
  • As an example if your garage floor is 30 1/2 feet wide, it most likely looks best if you have 30 whole tiles along the front and then a strip of 1/4 foot tile along each side. The tile you trim down in this example will be able to fill both 1/4 foot strips left and right. It may not be nessesary in your particular garage but you should make that dertermination at this time.
  • If it becomes nessesary to trim tiles to fit the depht of your garage; this should only be done on the tiles along the back wall!
  • When ordering please remember to allow for this additional row of tiles by measuringe your floor and round up to whole feet. Do the same for the depth of your floor. The Flooring Designer will do that automatically if you enter your exact measurements!).
  • Then create another single row down the wall, giving you an L shape pattern.
  • Continue this process for the remainder of the install, as it will ensure your floor self squares.
  • Once you reach the back wall and the other side wall, you can easily trim to a custom wall to wall finish. Remember to leave a 1/2 " gap between flooring and walls to allow for expansion. This is of particular importance if installing in cold weather.

    Below is a quick video helping you visualize the process.

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