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Free-Flow. Close-up.Free-Flow. ColorsFreeFlow tile
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Free-Flow (12" x 12" x .5" Tile)

  • Free-Flow garage tiles are the ideal drain tiles since it offers maximum airflow and drainage of liquids and debris.
  • Tile is ideal for usage where a garage drain is already in place or in locations where slush or ice will melt off your car while parked.
  • Dirty water will drain out of sight below the tile and into the garage drain or out the front of your garage.
  • Increases safety in wet conditions – liquid goes through the floor and out the door.
  • Shock absorbing design provides an added level of protection between you and the cold hard ground.
  • Engineered to offer superior anti-fatigue properties.
  • Absorbs impact, saving your parts & equipment when dropped.
  • Interlocking tile are engineered to create a seamless look from wall to wall with virtually no limit in size or shape.
  • Optional edging will give your floor a finished look.
  • Tile has easy to clean surface and is resistant to petroleum products and most household chemicals.
  • Tiles are designed for commercial use and Free-Flow will handle over 40,000 pounds of rolling load!
  • 16 PowerLocks ™ per module become part of the substructure when engaged.
  • Multi-patented Step-N-Snap design makes installation easily done. Your kids will want to participate!
  • No tools, no glues and no toxic fumes or mess.
  • Patent Pending.
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